Always make sure you take down full details of your client it can be hard sometimes as you may be out and about but if they message you on social media do ask for a contact number this is really important if you need to contact them and your Wi-Fi/signal is down of their not picking up their social media messages, and obviously their full home address with postcode.


I always take down postcodes and use a satnav to plan my routes as I also charge depending on mileage, I use the satnav on my iPhone its so handy and I just go from client to client via the satnav postcode.


Always leave enough time in-between appointments even though a spray tan itself may only take 10 minutes you need to allow drying time, and if they are not prepared or want to talk about the services and products.  I thought I could be tannings every half an hour but now I know its one an hour given travel time in-between appointments being able to set up and not be late or rushing which is not a good way to be with your clients if they are feeling their being rushed.


Try to plan your clients tans in an area so rather than driving from town to town if two people from one town ask your availability try and put them in the same day where possible this cuts out extra travel time and makes it more cost effective for you.


Always be prepared every morning I check the stock of my van to make sure I have everything, tan, mob caps, sticky feet, barrier cream, baby wipes, face wipes nothing worse than leaving to go tan several clients and realise you may have to try and find a wholesaler if you are missing something and generally the tans are out of normal working hours so you can be caught out.